Real Estate Marketing Tips You Cant Ignore

Home staging is among the few things you have complete control of when selling your home. When done properly, it has great potentials of helping you sell your home fast. We’re not even suggesting major renovations, but just deep cleaning, decluttering, and a fresh coat of paint.
But be careful not to over-impress and commit the biggest pitfalls of sellers when staging their home. Here are 6 staging techniques that buyers hate that you should avoid according to Trulia:

Don’t be dull

Avoid staging your home to look like a hotel room that’s perfect and bland. The goal is to show potential buyers that your home looks nice all the time but at the same time appear that real people live there. Injecting a touch of personality is okay like a red throw pillow or a turquoise fruit bowl. These pops of color are sure to attract buyers when they see your home on the listing photos.

Selling with smell

You enjoyed some delicious beef stroganoff the night before but potential buyers don’t need to know that. If possible, avoid cooking strong-smelling food the night before a showing if you don’t want the smell of beef stock or sauce reduction to cling to the walls. But, also be careful with trying to mask those smells by overcompensating with potpourri and air fresheners; keep strong, perfumy smells to a minimum. The goal is to make the house smell homey and fresh. Baking some cookies or bread or lighting a few candles a few hours before a showing should help.

The sound of music

The thing is you would never guess the potential buyer’s musical tastes. Having music play during your house showing is a risk that is likely to backfire. Plus, it would seem as though you are trying to manipulate them.

The elephant graveyard

When you have already moved out before the house sells, don’t leave the house looking like it’s been ransacked with only the run-down and ugly furniture left. Move most of your possessions to your new residence but consider leaving behind pieces that will help enhance the ambiance of the space.

Wasting money on the wrong renovations

A common mistake sellers commit when selling their house is undertaking a major renovation like updating an outdated bathroom. While it would contribute to the house’s selling value, it’s a big risk as you would never guess which renovations provide the greatest return of investment. To be safe, go for smaller renovations like new cabinet hardware or light fixtures that still go a long way when it comes to making a home feel up to date without having to break the bank.

Remove clutter, don’t just move it around

Decluttering is a sure fire way to improve your chances of selling your home: it helps make your home feel open and airy which in turn make it more attractive to buyers on listings and during showings. And don’t even attempt to just move that clutter in hidden areas of the house; serious buyers are going to inspect even the most tucked away corners and compartments of your home.

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