AMPI Agents Are Committed Mexican Real Estate Professionals

Mexico is moving in the right direction, working to raise the real estate standards to protect buyer and seller interests. AMPI (our National Real Estate Association) plays a key role in the real estate industry in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, working closely with local, state and national governments. Our local AMPI Association is leading the country in developing and implementing real estate standards.  To become members of our local AMPI Association Real Estate professionals sign our Bylaws that require our members to follow our Ethical Code of Conduct;  to use our contract forms which have been legally vetted to protect buyers and sellers; to participate in and comply with our MLS Rules and Regulation along with using the shared database. Our Bylaws, Code of Ethics, MLS Systems, Contracts and our other systems are constantly improved on through the expertise and experience of our members.  Find a Committed AMPI Professional Here:

Ofc: 322-224-0014
Cel: 044-322-227-6064
USA: 1-855-239-0640

Ofc: 322-223-5300
Cel: 322-105-0230
USA: 877-204-7730

ofc: 322-223-0055
cell: 322-136-3980

Raul Ochoa Villapando

Ofc:(322) 223 0565
FAX: (322) 223-1830

Ofc: 322-223-5300
Cel: 322-779-9406
USA: 877-204-7730

Laura Gelezunas

Ofc: 322-223-0001
Cel: 322-117-2607
USA: 314-256-9053

Ofc:. 322-223-0055
Cel: 322-294-1552
USA: 866-978-8060

Wayne Franklin

Ofc: 322.222.6505
Cel: (322) 292-3279
USA: 01.800.877.7000

Ofc: 322-222-2604
Cel: 044-322-205-8161

Carlos Osuna

Ofc:(322) 228 0001
USA: (206) 701 7571

Ofc: 322-223-0055
Cel: 322-262-5304

Ofc: 322-222-7817
Cel: 322-182-0422
USA: 214-628-4585

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